The Iconic Life of Walter Iooss

You may have never heard of the name Walter Iooss, actually I hadn’t until about a week ago either. However, after doing a little research on this man if you’re a sports fan it’s hard to say you’ve never seen his work…

In his storied career he has worked with some of the most famous athletes, celebrities and models, including the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, Kate Upton, Morgan Freeman and Serena Williams to name a few. My inner sports-fan would kill to meet any one of the athletes mentioned, and for Iooss it’s just another day at the office.


For the past 51 years, Walter Iooss has attended and shot every single one. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, whom he’s worked with for most of his career, he said “I’ve never watched the game on television, I’ve had one of the most unique experiences in sports.” I’d agree.


The real joy of photography is these moments. I’m always looking for freedom, the search for the one-on-one. That’s when your instincts come out. I’ve been lucky enough to have people hire me to do that. Sports Illustrated never really restricts me. They want me to do what I do. It’s the discovery. It’s still magic.” 

-Walter Iooss


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