Blog Post #2

Icebreaker Assignment

I had a really hard time with this assignment. I found myself feeling very awkward and not confident enough to approach strangers in the community. However, with that I do believe it’s always good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I also didn’t know how to ask the people in my photos to pose or smile because I didn’t want to make them any more uncomfortable than I already was. For the most part, people were nice and said yes but there was about two-or-three who pretended to not hear me or just avoid me, so that was weird.

Overall, it was a pretty solid and productive assignment that I feel like I learned a lot from. I also think it will help me as I go forward with new assignments.


Nadine Musekuu, 23, stops to take a photo at the downtown Bellingham, Wash. bus station before heading home to finish packing. “We just did some last minute shopping and I’m just really excited to go on our trip,” she said. (Photo by Juan Mendoza)

Haley Morris, 21, poses for a picture while waiting for a bus at a downtown Bellingham, Wash. bus station. “My favorite part of the week will be going on a trip tomorrow,” she said. (Photo by Juan Mendoza)
Faith Owens, 22, cracks a smile while waiting for her bus at the downtown Bellingham, Wash. bus station. “I really enjoy the days which I have time to sit down and have a relaxing breakfast,” she said. “It makes the whole day and week so much better.” (Photo by Juan Mendoza)
Stedman Knox, 20, stands alongside one of the new concession stands at Carver Gymnasium on Western Washington University’s campus in Bellingham, Wash.. “Honestly, my favorite part of the day is having lunch with my main man Dan,” he said. (Photo by Juan Mendoza)
Daniel Sonnichsen, 21, tries to stay warm on a cold rainy day in Bellingham, Wash.. “I don’t usually like the rain,” he said. “But today, I just feel like staying in and being cozy is what will make my day.” (Photo by Juan Mendoza)

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